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Macrae is an energetic, happy, nine-year-old Westie who has had skin allergies his whole life but which worsened significantly after we moved a few years ago. Traditional veterinary treatments felt like a revolving door with the same skin, eye, and paw infections recurring over and over again. When we found Dr. Gabriel, she approached his needs from a holistic, individualized perspective. She recommended dietary changes, acupuncture and specific herbal remedies and also offered me ways to better understand Traditional Chinese Medicine. She honored my day-to-day knowledge and intuitions about Macrae and treated my contributions with respect while also sharing her wisdom, experience and expertise. This is the match I had been praying for! Macrae now has longer and longer periods of being symptom-free and Dr. Gabriel has given me tools to actually help him rather than feel helpless (which is how I felt trudging through the revolving door). I am deeply grateful to Dr. Gabriel and I know Macrae is, too!!
Date of Posting: 07 January 2020
Posted By: Regina Bogle
Bethlehem, PA
Penny and I couldn’t have achieved this without you
#cbdoil #medicinalmushrooms #acupuncture/aqua puncture #holisticdiet #vegandiet #crystalhealing #reiki
This is my baby Penny, she has been on a holistic healing journey since September 2018 after multiple Vet visits and finding a mass in her colon ( treatment began ) finally a diagnosis of IBD was made. Penny has had a very healthy year in 2019 and today her ultrasound was clean! No mass no enlarged lymph node. Penny almost had surgery last December to remove the mass in her colon for biopsy, but with her medicinal mushrooms and CBD oil that mass shrank away! I will never know if was cancer or not but I don’t care. Penny is happy, healthy and never had to under go surgery. For that I am grateful and put my faith 100% in holistic healing. My baby Penny will be 7 in December can’t wait to celebrate my girl!
What you Believe can create Miracles!
I Believe in holistic healing
Date of Posting: 07 January 2020
Posted By: Camilla Bullman
Our English Bulldog Ruby suffered severely from recurrent lung issues. Every couple of months she would have to be rushed to an emergency vet due to the sudden onset of pneumonia. After multiple hospital stints, the emergency veterinarian recommended that we try an alternative approach with integrative medicine. That’s when we teamed up with Dr. Gabriel. Right away, she took the time to get to know us and our Ruby so that she could tailor a plan specific for us. She’s used a combination of Chinese herbs and acupuncture to strengthen Ruby’s immune system and treat her for chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. Ruby has never looked or sounded better. We have full confidence that Dr. Gabriel’s treatments are achieving exactly what they were set out to, which is to greatly reduce or get rid of Ruby’s episodes of lung issues. She’s been episode-free for 8 months now! We highly recommend Dr. Garbriel’s expertise!
Date of Posting: 07 January 2020
Posted By: Amy Hedemann
This is Max – he will be 13 in a few days –and he is a very happy dog!! In November 2017 Max had a tumor removed from his right leg – it was cancer – spindle cell sarcoma. The tumor grew back in less than 6 months and it was more aggressive this time – typical of this type of cancer. I was told there was really nothing to be done other than to amputate his leg. I took Max for second opinions – 2 surgeons and an oncologist all recommended the leg be amputated – the tumor could not be removed it was too hard and could not be peeled away from skin – the skin would have be cut out along with the tumor and there would not be enough skin on the leg for the wound to heal. The tumor was big- it went down the length of his leg. I was starting to lose hope that I would find an alternative to amputation and then I discovered Dr. Gabriel – in Sept 2018. She started giving him acupuncture and put him on a regimen of Chinese herbs along with CBD oil. Dr. Gabriel also wanted him to be eating whole foods – I was already doing that – he had been off kibble for about 2 years – I feed him - muscle and organ meat, sardines, veggies and fruit. After about 6 weeks – we noticed the tumor was not as hard – it felt softer – something was changing. Max was feeling better and he looked better – his fur now had a shine to it – and the acupuncture was helping with the arthritis in his hind legs. At this point Dr. Gabriel wanted Max to see Dr. Daphne Clendaniel – a surgeon. Dr. Clendaniel said she could remove the tumor – but with this type of cancer she would not be able to get all of it – in December 2018 Max had the surgery. The amazing Dr. Clendaniel was able to remove 95% of the tumor!! Dr. Gabriel was able to get Max to a much healthier state- between the Chinese herbs and the acupuncture helping the rest of his body – the tumor had somehow changed - which enabled him to have the surgery- as well as having a great surgeon!! The path report came back that it was second stage sarcoma – not a surprise. It is now April 2019 Max is still on the regimen of Chinese herbs and CBD Oil and getting acupuncture weekly – so far the cancer is keeping a low profile. We know the cancer is still there – we are hoping that Max can keep the cancer at bay and enjoy his twilight years. Max is moving around much better than he has in years – he is back to playing with my other dog Jake – wrestling and playing fetch. I use a small trampoline to get Max in and out of the back of my SUV – he just will not use a ramp. I was just about to set up the trampoline for him and he just leaped into the back of the car without the trampoline – I was shocked. He has not done that in years!! Max is a very happy dog and is back to being my fun loving lab – all of this is because of Dr. Gabriel – I will be forever grateful.
Date of Posting: 06 April 2019
Posted By: Kathy Pignataro
Walnutport, PA
Our boston terrier, Louie, has been receiving acupuncture treatment in combination with physical therapy since a cervical disc herniation. His recovery has been nothing short of amazing, and it’s definitely attributed to including acupuncture and herbal supplements. I would recommend Dr. Gabriel to anyone whom thinks their pet would benefit from acupuncture and holistic treatments.
Date of Posting: 26 January 2019
Posted By: Jenny Slaski

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