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Our dog Max, a Maltese Poodle mix woke up one morning showing obvious signs of pain. Within an hour or so, he could barely use his hind legs and his hind end would just fall over. We, of course, rushed him to our regular Vet who prescribed the standard steroid, pain killers, and muscle relaxers. They referred us to another hospital to have him get an x-ray with the thought of potential spinal surgery. Never having experienced this before, it was heart breaking to see him suffering. I called a friend whose dog was treated by Dr. Gabriel and she told me absolutely call her. Dr. Gabriel was kind enough to return my call that same day and scheduled his home visit asap. She has treated him with acupuncture, laser and what I call a chinese herbal cocktail in pill form. She also recommended that he take Dasuquin (MSM, etc.). Max's progress has been nothing short of amazing ! He is back to running around like a crazy man to the point where we worry he will hurt himself again, but he is certainly a happy dog ! Thank you, "Dr. Diane" for your knowledge, kindness and empathy. We have recommended you to others several times already ! Photo is of Max (top) with his sister, Lilly.
Date of Posting: 03 September 2020
Posted By: Betty Frasca
Bethlehem PA
Riley was diagnosed with COPD in February, 2020 after exhibiting an ongoing cough since October, 2019. She was not yet 3 yrs old. Dr Gabiel treats Riley with a combination of Chinese herbs and remedies. She also thought that Riley may be suffering from food allergies and recommended allergy testing. Dr. Gabriel was spot on; Riley did have food allergies. So with the dietary changes, plus the herbals/remedies, plus addition supplements Dr Gabiel recommended, Riley has been symptom free since June, I mean, not even a single cough, even during humid weather. Riley has not slowed down. She remains active and engaged in life. The traditional treatment would have been ongoing antibiotics and steroids, complete with all the nasty side effects. Riley is truly living a full life and does not seem to be hampered by her COPD. I owe this outcome to Dr. Gabriel's doctoring skills, the combination of personalized treatment she put together and Dr. Gabriel's ongoing care. I cannot thank her enough.
Date of Posting: 10 August 2020
Posted By: Kristine Terry
Swoyersville, PA
TSgt.Kormi P-184 served 9years with the U.S.A.F. 90TH Squadron Security Forces as a Dual Purpose Apprehension/Patrol Explosive Detection K-9 he also worked many missions with the
U.S. Secret Service.
Kormi represents the State of N.J. for Project K-9 Hero.
Kormi came to Dr.Gabriel with a multitude of complex problems including severe food allergies!
Thanks to Dr.Gabriel he is very healthy & her treatments have been life changing for him!
We do not know what we would of done without her!
Salute to Dr. Gabriel ?????
Date of Posting: 14 July 2020
Posted By: Sherri Todd
My American Foxhound mix, Cayla first saw Dr. Gabriel for help with regaining her appetite following a seizure and a diagnosis of hypoparathyroidism. My girl was under a lot of stress and she was always a picky eater so this was a challenge. Cayla steadily improved, but was diagnosed with stage four kidney disease a few months later. Dr. Gabriel was a lifeline for Cayla and me in figuring out how to best manage her kidney disease. Dr. Gabriel's medical treatments, compassion, and guidance have kept my 13 year old puppy happily with me for over a year. One of her many wise pieces of advice: "Focus on Cayla and not on the lab numbers. They are just numbers." That's been my guiding principle along with regular visits to Dr. Gabriel.
Date of Posting: 20 January 2020
Posted By: Linda Arra
Macrae is an energetic, happy, nine-year-old Westie who has had skin allergies his whole life but which worsened significantly after we moved a few years ago. Traditional veterinary treatments felt like a revolving door with the same skin, eye, and paw infections recurring over and over again. When we found Dr. Gabriel, she approached his needs from a holistic, individualized perspective. She recommended dietary changes, acupuncture and specific herbal remedies and also offered me ways to better understand Traditional Chinese Medicine. She honored my day-to-day knowledge and intuitions about Macrae and treated my contributions with respect while also sharing her wisdom, experience and expertise. This is the match I had been praying for! Macrae now has longer and longer periods of being symptom-free and Dr. Gabriel has given me tools to actually help him rather than feel helpless (which is how I felt trudging through the revolving door). I am deeply grateful to Dr. Gabriel and I know Macrae is, too!!
Date of Posting: 07 January 2020
Posted By: Regina Bogle
Bethlehem, PA

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