My pets.....

BrieBrie, my beloved fifteen year old Beagle mix. She is an adopted laboratory dog from the University of Pennsylvania, Parasitology Division.

Jack-Boce CollageThen there are Jack and Bocce, eight year old brothers from Kentucky. They are rescued dogs that make me smile and laugh every day.

And last, but not least, my boatload of kitties.....all rescues.....Frank is my oldest at sixteen years of age! Miss Philadelphia, from West Philly,Tippy Ollie Ollie, from North Philly, Monkey - the bully of the bunch, Dora - appropriately named because she just showed up at the DOOR-RA!, Tippy from the Home Depot parking lot, and Mongo a bottle baby from a farm. His mom was hit and killed by a car when he was just two days old.

dor A-Mongo-Frank-Miss P Dr Gabriel Cats