My Education.....


Continuing Education:

  • Small Animal TCVM Classical Points & Advanced Acupuncture Techniques Fall 2018
  • Medicinal Cannabis sativa L: A Plant That Has Changed the World January 2018
  • Chinese Medicine for Treatment of Cushing's Disease December 2017
  • Chinese Medicine and Strategies for Managing Pancreatitis December 2017
  • Advanced Chinese Herbal Medicine Class October 2017
  • Philosophy of Western Herbal MedicineApril 2017
  • Comprehensive study of Chinese and Western Herbs via lectures & course work
    by acclaimed practitioners including but not limited to:
    Dr. Shen Xie, Dr. Steve Marsden, Dr. Mona Boudreaux, Dr. Barbara Fougere, Dr. Susan Wynn, Dr. Jean Dodds.
  • Current and up to date on latest research relating to: Nutrition, Vitamins, and Nutraceuticals